• Question: whats the coolest thing that your job has let you do so far?

    Asked by rung492ash on 1 Dec 2023.
    • Photo: Amy Stockwell

      Amy Stockwell answered on 1 Dec 2023:

      I got to travel to Costa Rica for a conference. Whilst there i went to some coffee farms and got to explore

    • Photo: Jonathan Allen

      Jonathan Allen answered on 1 Dec 2023:

      The coolest moment for me was the first time I got to go into the nuclear power station and walk up to the nuclear reactor and give it a big hug! I had never seen such a enormous and powerful thing before that is doing such an important job producing clean energy. It was quite aweinspiring!

    • Photo: Octavia Brayley

      Octavia Brayley answered on 1 Dec 2023:

      They’re letting me go to Antarctica next year for fieldwork! Which is pretty ‘cool’!

    • Photo: Ian McKinley

      Ian McKinley answered on 2 Dec 2023:

      We had a project running in Brazil and I visited the site twice. Both times were during the Carnival – which I experienced both in a big city (Rio de Janeiro) and a small town (Pocos de Caldas).