• Question: how much dollars do you get paid a month

    Asked by date492bed on 1 Dec 2023.
    • Photo: Amy Stockwell

      Amy Stockwell answered on 1 Dec 2023:

      I work in the UK, so I am paid in British pounds. I earn £36600 and work 4 days (32 hours) per week.
      According to xe.com that is US$ 42k
      I could earn more if I worked for a bigger company, but I really like the people I work with

    • Photo: Jonathan Allen

      Jonathan Allen answered on 1 Dec 2023:

      I work in the UK and earn £70,000 per year. That is the salary I have reached after 10 years of working – when I started off 10 years ago it was £29,000 per year. It is paid equally over 12 months.

    • Photo: Octavia Brayley

      Octavia Brayley answered on 1 Dec 2023:

      I’m still a student, so I don’t get paid very much compared to other scientists! I earn about £17,000 per year which is roughly £1400 per month.

    • Photo: Ian McKinley

      Ian McKinley answered on 2 Dec 2023:

      I very rarely get paid in dollars. Most of my work is for Japanese organisations and I usually get paid in Japanese Yen. Usually this is a payment made at the end of the Japanese financial year (March) and can be between 5 and 10 M JPY, depending on which projects I am working on. I also get paid in £, Euro or Swiss Francs for other projects – usually paid after the work is finished. So it varies a lot, but the total is higher than most other jobs (a result of my age / experience and the fact that I am based in Switzerland, where salaries – and costs – are generally high).