• Question: How old were you when you wanted to work in the whisky industry

    Asked by Rushil S ` to Shanine S on 30 Nov 2023.
    • Photo: Shanine Smith

      Shanine Smith answered on 30 Nov 2023:

      Hi Rushil S ‘,

      I have always ben passionate about food and heath and after being a chef for 15 years, I decided to go back to school at 30 and become a scientist, mixing my love of food and science.
      I wanted to provide sustainable food solutions for our growing population in ways that would not harm our environment. After working in the algae industry for a while I realised I wanted to learn about other things and I found this PhD on Whisky sustainability and applied, because I really wanted to help contribute to the success of the Scottish economy. At this point I was already 37, some might say that’s quite old for starting a PhD, but I reckon it doesn’t matter if you find something to be passionate about.